Agriturismo la Baita: artisanal cured meats on the slopes of Monte Grappa, tradition and innovation at the table

Welcome to our small and charming farm, located on the slopes of the majestic Monte Grappa in the picturesque Pedemontana Veneta! The agricultural company was founded in the 70s with the breeding of cattle suitable for the production and trade of milk and subsequently, in the 90s, it dedicated itself to the breeding of beef cattle. With the milk crisis, production ceased and the agritourism business began in 2003. Today we are passionate producers of artisanal cured meats, inspired by our deep connection with local tradition and respect for animal welfare. Every step of our production process is imbued with love for our land and its ancient traditions.


We dedicate ourselves with care and attention to creating authentic gastronomic masterpieces, with the aim of bringing the unique and unmistakable taste of our delicacies to your table.

vaigustandoOur Soppressa del Grappa, salami and bacon are the result of a scrupulous selection of the best meats, combined with a skilful combination of spices and traditional local aromas that enhance the authentic flavor of each product.

For us, tradition is a treasure to be preserved and passed down. We faithfully follow the recipes handed down from generation to generation, preserving the secrets and gestures that make our sausages unique and inimitable. Our commitment is to carry on this legacy, keeping the magic of the flavors of the past intact.

But our connection with tradition is not limited only to cuisine. For us, respect for animal welfare is fundamental. Our meats come from local farms, where the animals live in serene and natural environments, guaranteeing maximum comfort and a happy life before becoming part of our sausages. We believe that a happy and healthy animal helps give food a special flavor, made even more delicious by our love and respect for nature. With our farm, we wish to share with you the essence of our land and our culture. Every taste of our sausages is a journey through the flavours, smells and emotions of a tradition handed down over time.

We invite you to taste our creations, immerse yourself in the beauty of Monte Grappa and be part of this wonderful culinary adventure.


The authentic flavors of our soppressa del Grappa, salami and bacon with a unique and unmistakable taste will soon be available


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