Fattoria Irma: welcome to the beating heart of Lodi, where history meets tomorrow.

Fattoria Irma - il contesto rurale
We present Irma Farm, a place where nature and innovation come together creating an unprecedented experience in a setting that reflects the heritage and beauty of the territory of Lombardy Po Valley.

In 2021, a seventeenth-century farmhouse in Lodi was awakened by the energy of a passionate family. This historic structure, witness to centuries of Lodi history and culture, is today the cradle of our ambitions.

"Our mission? Cultivate with heart."


We grow fruit, vegetables  It is spices in a natural and sustainable way, but we don't stop here.
Fattoria Irma is  visionary: by integrating cutting-edge technologies, we guarantee  minimal environmental impact, focusing on efficiency and waste reduction.

Because nature is not just what we cultivate, but what we respect.
In this context of sustainability, we have also created an oasis: a refuge for animals that were once labeled "livestock".

Here, every soul finds its dignity, living free and respected, far from the logic of exploitation

Every time you choose Fattoria Irma you directly support this cause: part of our proceeds go to support the sanctuary and the association that acts as its guardian: The Purple Kennel.

Le verdure di Fattoria Irma
With Fattoria Irma, choose not only the authentic flavor of Lodi, but also a greener and fairer future for everyone. Be part of the change. Choose Fattoria Irma.
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