Bottega Bianchin, it all began in an ancient wood-fired oven way back in 1955.

Bottega Bianchin has been synonymous with goodness and quality since the last century. A family tradition that challenges the homologation of taste with new olfactory stimuli and textures. A traditional artisan oven, where theexpert manual skills meet master bakers experimentation. A hotbed of ideas and flavors tinged with history and tradition.


Bottega Bianchin - L'arte della Panificazione


It all begins in the autumn of 1955, when Alfredo and Augusta undertake the baker's profession in Fonte, a small town in the province of Treviso. Over the years, the business grew and baking became the family business, actively involving the children. In 1986, the turning point: the old one was reopened “Asolo wood-fired oven”. The quality and authenticity of the products has an extraordinary echo in the Asolo valleys and other sales points in the area soon follow. The growing success gave rise to the need for greater production capacity and in 2004 the activity was transferred to the Paderno del Grappa factory, a total area of ​​900 m2, where an enormous oven still produces wood-fired bread today, as from ancient tradition.


Bottega Bianchin - La Gamma Prodotti


With the production capacity, the range of products also grows: the Paderno headquarters is equipped with a Research & Development, Training and Education Area, where new recipes are studied and continuous research is carried out in the field of intolerances.


"Genuine baked goods made with passion while respecting traditions."


The success of Bottega Bianchin is a mix of factors: high quality of raw materials, respect for tradition, a vast range of products in response to market needs and a lot, a lot of daily commitment from the whole family. The desire is to remain linked to the territory by offering innovative products, which know how to reinterpret tradition as the “classic” panettone revisited. An example of the level of excellence and innovation achieved in recent years. The raisins meet the distilled Bassano's Grappa, the flour binds to the eggs. The long leavening gives a soft dough. 

Bottega Bianchin's answer is only one: Grappa Panettone. Grappa panettone is a symbol of Venetian excellence, a singer of a story, a painter of places where the history of Italy took place. An excellent product, with a lot to tell.



A story that begins on the snow-capped peaks of Veneto, up there, on Monte Grappa, the massif that silently dominated the region. “Monte Grappa you are my homeland” sing the Alpini. And this is where the idea was born: to create a product steeped in tradition, which opens up in an inebriating heart. The strong flavor of the grappa binds to the sugar through a soft paste interrupted by the texture of the raisins. The raisins remain soaked in grappa for four days. 

Bottega Bianchin - Veneto food awards 2023 premiazione

The strong aroma of the distillate marries the sweetness of dried fruit, giving life to a unique product with a refined taste. The leavening is particularly long and you need to wait to get the best results. Like a fruit, Grappa panettone ripens: soft, inebriating and extremely fragrant. A curious gift for those who decide to surprise. A special gift for those who want to amaze. A new recipe that, like the entire line of baked products, Bottega Bianchin offers as a result of constant research. 


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