Il Mulino di Zoppola: The Art of Artisan Liquor store Risorgimento 5

Il Mulino di Zoppola is an enchanting place in the picturesque village of Zoppola, in the province of Pordenone. Its story came to life in 2013, when Daniele Lecinni, a passionate restaurateur from Pordenone, decided to bring this ancient mill back to life and create something unique. In 2018, Il Mulino di Zoppola opens its doors as an authentic tavern, offering its guests delicious meat and fish dishes. But there is an element missing, a void in the heart of this place. During the aperitif or after dinner, people always ask themselves: 


What gin do you have? And the vermouth? Make me a special cocktail, I would like something bitter but not too bitter.


The vast selection of liqueurs available on the market leaves everyone a little disoriented. Daniele knows that the time has come to make a difference. Thus, with passion and mastery, Daniele gives life to the Risorgimento 5 liqueurs. Using wheat distillate, juniper berries, botanicals, passito wine, leaves and aromas, herbs and medicinal macerates, he creates his gin, vermouth, aperitif and amaro. Each liqueur is produced internally, mixed and refined with the help of skilled artisans, as if they were sediments of memories of the past combined with a contemporary taste. But Daniele wants his liqueurs to be more than just drinks. He wants them to tell a story.


Risorgimento 5 - cocktail


Thus, the choice of amber bottles which, like treasure chests,  protect the treasures inside them. The labels recall ancient apothecaries, evoking the scents of the herbs and spices that were hidden inside. But there's more. Each bottle bears the name "Risorgimento", a tribute to the Mulino's address, via Risorgimento, 5. It is a tribute to the period in which the most famous Italian liqueurs saw the light. The Risorgimento 5 collection is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. The bottles are produced by a Spanish glassmaker specializing in recycled glass, recalling the ancient beauty of pharmacy vials. The caps are made from recycled wood, a touch of authenticity and sustainability. Each Risorgimento 5 liqueur is a masterpiece in its own right. The Vermouth, with local Verduzzo passito wine and botanicals such as bitter orange, Roman wormwood, oregano, muscatel herb, mountain savory, cinnamon and cinchona, is an ancient amber-coloured elixir with floral and balsamic aromas. Notes of spice, vanilla and almond dance delicately on the palate, creating a complexity of flavors that envelops the senses.


Risorgimento 5 - L'Aperitivo bottiglia


The Aperitif, on the other hand, presents itself as a real bitter. Its bright red color captures attention, while the nose is pervaded by an intense citrus and balsamic aroma, with a distinctive note of cardamom. At the first sip, the Aperitif reveals itself to be round and enveloping, but the finish is surprisingly bitter, taking the palate on a journey of flavours.


Risorgimento 5 - L'Amaro bottiglia


The Amaro, inspired by the Friulian tradition of grappa-based bitters, is an authentic delight. Enriched by the presence of mandarin and rhubarb, this liqueur conveys a herbaceous and citrus sensation, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste that tickles the palate. Finally, Ginepro, a 40 proof gin compound, stands out for its direct citrus intensity. Bergamot and coriander create a unique flavor profile, giving the gin a strong and refined character. An explosion of flavors that reveals itself  fully in a gin and tonic, enhancing the aroma and leaving an indelible imprint. Today, Il Mulino di Zoppola produces around 8000 bottles of Risorgimento 5 liqueurs, carrying on the tradition of craftsmanship and passion that began with the renovation of the mill. The Liquoreria Risorgimento 5 has become a real point of reference for mixology lovers and for those who wish to savor authentic, high-quality liqueurs.


Risorgimento 5 - La gamma prodotti


Every sip of a cocktail prepared with Risorgimento 5 liqueurs at Mulino di Zoppola is a unique experience, a journey through time that unites past and present. In that magical place, memories intertwine with modernity, creating an atmosphere in which tradition blends harmoniously with innovation.


Each glass raised is a tribute to the passion, art and love for liqueurs that Daniele Lecinni poured into each bottle.


Risorgimento 5 - Gin Tonic


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