La bottega Ai Ca' de Lach

Ennio Grava is the chef and owner of Ca' de Lach, the renowned restaurant located in Revine Lago, in the picturesque province of Treviso, framed by the landscape of the Prosecco hills and Lake Revine. “His culinary passion focuses on the creation of excellent gastronomic products, with particular attention to fine meat and game sauces, created with unique recipes, tomato preserves expertly made in accordance with family tradition, essential food oils and salts seasoning"

The history of Ca' de Lach has deep roots, dating back to 1972, when Ennio's parents, mother Giulia and father Sergio, opened the restaurant. The name "Ca' de Lach" comes from the tip of the lake, the point where the restaurant is located, and has nothing to do with the Venetian abbreviation for "house". In local dialect, Ca' de Lach means "at the end of the lake", the very same lake of Revine that attracts thousands of tourists. Mother Giulia's passion for cooking spread rapidly in the 70s and 80s, winning the hearts of people in the surrounding hills, and more and more people began to frequent the restaurant to taste its delicacies. Despite her 81 years, mother Giulia continued to contribute her personal touch until two years ago, demonstrating incredible dedication.

In 1995, the two brothers, Ennio and Ezio, and their sister Giorgia, who passed away prematurely, took a big step by starting the Ca' de Lach structure, which in addition to the restaurant also includes a hotel, a wellness center and other recreational activities. Today, Ennio, 55 years old, and Ezio, 56 years old, manage the entire structure together with their respective families, made up of Natascia, Ennio's wife, and their children. The restaurant has a team of around fifty employees, all passionate about their work and loyal to the business.

From a young age, the brothers were involved in the restaurant business. While Ennio demonstrated a natural aptitude for cooking, Ezio became passionate about the world of wine. Both attended hotel schools, but Ezio went further by becoming an expert AIS sommelier, following advanced training courses and learning from renowned masters such as Roberto Gardini and others.

The management of Ca' de Lach is strongly linked to the family. Natascia, Ennio's wife, is an expert wellness and spa professional and is always at her husband's side. Their two children, Federico, 18, and Francesca, 16, are an integral part of their family and work life. Ezio also has a 14 year old son, Mattia, and the company also involves Giorgia's children, Lorenzo, 18 years old, and Maria Giulia, 21 years old.

Unlike many restaurants, Ennio pays particular attention to healthy cuisine and good nutrition.

In addition to the quality of the products, Ennio follows the advice of dieticians and industry experts to create healthy and delicious dishes.

His point of reference is the Lombard dietician Luca Speciani with his "gift" diet, which emphasizes the importance of eating healthily and consciously.


Ca' de Lach is part of the "Prosecco Hills" Business Network, an association that promotes the area of ​​the UNESCO Heritage Hills, art, culture, Prosecco Superiore wine and gastronomy.

For lovers of good food, Ennio shares his Beef Tartare recipe. This delicious dish is prepared with great care and with the highest quality ingredients. The beef fillet or sirloin meat is finely cut "with a knife" and mixed with egg yolk, paprika, onion, anchovies, pickled cucumber, pickled capers, mustard, parsley, garlic oil, Tabasco, Calvados, salt and freshly ground black pepper. The tartare is presented in small quenelles on top of croutons spread with mountain butter.

Ca' de Lach and Ennio Grava represent a culinary destination of excellence, where the passion for food and wine tradition, the quality of the products and the dedication to the health and well-being of customers come together to create a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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