Mulino Terrevive, a mix of passion, tradition and innovation.



In the Venetian Pedemontana, close to the slopes of Monte Grappa, the story of a long milling tradition began in the mid-19th century. From here and then Earth and Water will become fundamental for a bond that still exists today. The strong and synergistic bond between farmer and miller. Marco Bigolin has collected a legacy: knowing how to do an ancient craft with love. Today he is a miller who treats the land for what it originally is: living material. Alive means respected, left to its authenticity, never chemically treated. 


My legacy: knowing how to do an ancient craft with love.


As alive as the care for the ingredients, processed with the same ethics applied to the land. The Value of Family and Traditions, combined with the potential of the cultivation of wheat from the Pedemontana area combined with technological innovation made Marco's idea a reality in 2014. An idea born from the desire to restore value to the Earth, cultivating the cereals in fields where there is crop rotation, a wise peasant technique based on the alternation of varieties of products grown in the same land. This enriches the fertility of the soil naturally and for longer without the use of chemical fertilizers.


A direct land/food relationship and a finally evolved supply chain: complete, short, safe, without compromises. For every land to be alive, forever.


The Terrevive Mill is today an example of a short supply chain, in which the grains, selected in the national territory, most of which in Veneto, are then stone ground and made into pasta. Mill and pasta factory coexist in the same factory. This is the best guarantee of environmental sustainability and quality of the final products: Flour and Pasta! Man is linked to the Earth, an earth that moves, an earth that changes according to the seasons, an earth that nourishes itself, an earth that needs its time to nourish. Land which, however, is exploited by intensive agriculture, Land which is beginning to rebel against this exploitation but which, despite everything, offers goodness and integrity to those who know how to respect it, like Marco! This is the Terrevive Mill: Stone mill, so as not to overheat the flours and preserve all the properties of the grain; Low temperature drying, to produce with rigor and patience, respecting nature's times; translate into the production of a unique and organic pasta, which restores forgotten flavors to the palate. Mulino Terrevive flours are born from slow and light stone grinding, which allows the wheat grain not to be overheated, keeping its organoleptic properties intact.




Pasta Mulino Terrevive embodies all the Energy, Passion and Love of those who cultivate the fields, of those who process the cereals and give life to the flour, and of those who combine all this to create a unique product. Bring ancient rediscovered flavors to the plate, satisfying the senses of smell and taste. A pasta that tells the story of the grain from which it is born, an expression of flavours, values ​​and history of those who grow it.


All Mulino Terrevive products have obtained certification through bioagricert, a control and certification body for the organic production method pursuant to EC Reg. 848/18 authorized by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies.


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