About us

prosecco valleyVaigustando was born out of a profound passion for quality food, with the aim of highlighting and promoting Italy's small culinary gems.

Many of these local delicacies are indeed "hidden" and little known, thus limiting the number of fortunate customers who can savour the unique flavors offered by these talented producers. Our platform is the result of a synergy of expertise and specialized knowledge in different sectors, including logistics, e-commerce, IT, marketing, and communication.

We recognize that traditional "word of mouth" is no longer sufficient in an ever-evolving digital age, and no producer can afford to overlook the opportunities offered by the digital market." "Thanks to our deep expertise in the industry and our understanding of state-of-the-art communication tools, we're positioned to bridge the gap between artisanal producers and emerging high-value digital markets.


Our primary ambition is to spotlight the unparalleled high-quality culinary excellences of Italy, transforming a local market into a global stage.

With Vaigustando, we aim to provide proper recognition and placement to Italian food creations, each embodying unmatched qualities and distinctive characteristics often hard to find. Our mission is to underscore and celebrate the richness and diversity of Italian culinary traditions, delivering authentic, premium products directly to consumers across the globe."