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I am a small-scale producer specializing in gastronomic delicacies and wish to sell my premium products through your renowned platform, Vaigustando.

Our shared mission is to offer customers a unique and unforgettable culinary experience, ensuring the quality and authenticity of the products provided. We are committed to supplying only genuine products with authentic flavors that reflect Italian tradition and excellence.

Vaigustando's primary goal is to promote Italian producers who embody the cultural heritage and wonders of our country. Through a careful and personalized approach, the company is dedicated to telling the stories of the producers, highlighting the passion, commitment, and respect for the land that characterize their work.


The selection and sale of products on Vaigustando are the result of deep partnership between the platform and its partners. Vaigustando handles all aspects of the process, from communicating the producer's brand to managing the entire supply chain. We take care of every detail, from the careful choice of products to packaging, to order fulfillment and shipping, both domestically within Italy and to international destinations. To kick off this partnership and start selling your products on our platform, we invite you to contact our food and wine specialists.

vaigustandoThey'll be eager to visit your establishment, get a firsthand look at your operations, and explore collaboration opportunities together. As a team, we'll strive to amplify the finest of Italian gastronomy and provide consumers with a genuine and delightful experience.

Get in touch with our Food and Wine specialists, who are keen to meet with you at your location.

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