Oro de Pòe, the embodiment of our profound love for the land and our origins.

This oil is a pure expression of love. In the early 1960s, Gentile Bizzotto and his wife, Elisa, decided to open a new headquarters for their fabric manufacturing company in Pove del Grappa, a town in the province of Vicenza famous for its favorable microclimate. They also chose the land for its olive grove, teeming with century-old trees, some even dating back three centuries or more.

"Gold" reflects the value of our golden-hued oil, while "Pòe" is a term from the Venetian dialect for Pove del Grappa, the area where Tenuta Gentile is nestled among olive groves

Oro De Pòe - Immagine bottiglie d'olio a confronto

In the area where our olive grove stands, the century-old trees thrive, showcasing the native variety "Frantoio Povese" We meticulously harvest and select olives that, once purely pressed, yield an extra virgin olive oil with a golden-green hue, an intense aroma, and a balanced flavor profile. From these exceptional olives emerges a limited selection of DOP extra virgin olive oil, a tribute to a figure from our local lore who blurs the lines between history and myth: CAIUS VETTONIUS MAXIMUS. This oil honors our tradition and the rich cultural heritage of our community. For this exclusive series of Veneto del Grappa DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, available in half-liter bottles, each one is meticulously hand-numbered and accompanied by a Mipaaf certification. Furthermore, we have designed bespoke packaging to enhance the uniqueness of this limited release.

Our limited edition Oro de Poe CAIUS VETTONIUS MAXIMUS Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Veneto del Grappa was included in the “Slow Food Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Presidium” project. The Presidia are Slow Food communities that work every day to save native breeds, varieties of vegetables and fruit, breads, cheeses, cured meats and traditional desserts from extinction and are committed to passing on production techniques and crafts, as well as taking care of the environment and enhance landscapes, territories and cultures. Around 600 Presidia involve farmers, artisans, shepherds, fishermen and winemakers from 70 countries.  The oil is subjected to chemical analyzes to determine the organoleptic values ​​which guarantee its quality, verifying that they fall within the parameters of the specification Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Veneto del Grappa. This is also accompanied by a sensorial analysis through a method called Panel Test, where adequately trained and highly experienced tasters give sensorial judgments during the tasting phase (spicy, fruity, sweet, bitter...). The combination of the results of these analyzes and these tastings will be the basis of the evaluation of the oil.

Vista Uliveto - Oro de Pòe

Why is Oro de Pòe unique?
First of all, the geographical area in which Tenuta Gentile is located must be considered: one of the northernmost places in Europe where the olive tree grows and bears fruit. The territory of Pove del Grappa is located in a natural valley at the foot of Monte Grappa and is characterized by its mild and breezy climate, therefore relatively low in humidity. This is why she is called “Olive Basin”. The high quality of the product is also due to the composition of the cultivation soils which, located in what was once the widened bed of the Brenta river, are alluvial morainic, interspersed with sandy and marly-clayey bands. Then you need to consider the type of olive trees. The native variety "Frantoio Povese" first and foremost, abundantly present in both centenary plants and younger ones, which produces olives whose oil is much more delicate than that provided by other varieties. Hence the inimitable taste. Finally, an essential role is played by cultivation methods. Under the expert guidance of agronomist Stefano Farronato, the olive trees are treated by combining ancient traditional methods linked to the cycles of nature, with modern devices and techniques.

All these characteristics make Oro de Pòe an oil full of personality. We respect our olive trees both in their morphology and in their physiology. We carry out pruning aimed at facilitating "full-foliage arrangement" to encourage the alternation of branch production which is an important characteristic of olive trees. The fertilizers used are organic based and strictly comply with the national P.A.N. regulations. of integrated control of olive tree diseases also with the use of biological traps to monitor the insects present in the olive grove. The olive grove is completely grassed and the composition of the stable lawn is rich in aromatic essences whose scents are then found in the fruity/herbaceous that characterizes our oil. At the beginning of September we begin to check the ripeness index of the olives depending on the different varieties of plants present in our olive grove. On the basis of these analyses, the date and areas of the olive grove in which to begin harvesting are decided (generally in the second ten days of October). 

A unique oil, because the conditions in which it comes to life are unique.

We harvest by hand and with the help of manual facilitators, always respecting the plants and their fruits. The intact and healthy olives are taken to the mill on the same day with the aim of bringing the moment of harvesting as close as possible to the moment of pressing: the effort is to guarantee the preservation of the peculiarities of the product. The milling takes place within a few hours of harvesting at an oil mill that uses the continuous cycle pressing system in order to capture and retain the best organoleptic properties that the olives can transmit to the oil. Stability of its characteristics, favored by a high presence of peroxides, and richness of polyphenols are among the main quality parameters of extra virgin olive oil.

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