FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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How can I make a return?

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005, you have the right to withdraw from a contract, without indicating the reasons, in the manner indicated below.

To exercise this right, it is necessary to inform: Vaigustando SRL Viale Enrico Fermi 14T, 31011 Asolo TV, email: ufficio@vaigustando.it of the withdrawal decision within 14 days of receipt of the purchased product, via an explicit declaration (letter, fax or email).

Effects of withdrawalThe return of products purchased on the Vaigustando online shop is possible up to 14 days from receipt of the goods, following the procedure described here: 1. Access the reserved area, declare that you wish to return the entire order or part of it and for which reason, then select the goods to return, indicating the IBAN code that will be used for the credit. You can then view the return form to print and attach to the package and view the destination address of the returned goods. 2. Book the courier you prefer and deliver the package to them, attaching the printed form.3. Vaigustando will check the returned goods and send you an email containing the return confirmation.4. You will receive a refund of the amount spent within 15 working days, by bank transfer to the coordinates indicated in the return request. Returned products must not be altered in any way, must bear all original labels and must be returned in their intact packaging.
The return must be returned or delivered to: Vaigustando SRL via Per Resana, 33/E 31023 Resana (TV) within 14 days from the day on which the withdrawal was communicated (it is sufficient that the shipment takes place within 14 days and regardless of the date on which the goods arrive in the warehouse.

Once the return has been completed, a credit will be issued for the total cancellation of the order, except for any products not returned.


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What payment systems do you accept?

Payment for the Products can be made by credit card or via the Shop Pay payment solution or via the PayPal payment solution.
In the event that one of these payment means/solutions cannot be used in relation to a specific product, this will be clearly indicated on the Site, at the latest at the beginning of the purchase procedure.

Do you accept American Express

We accept credit cards issued by American Express (AMEX). Payment with American Express does not entail any extra charges or commissions of any kind for the user.

Is it possible to pay with Paypal?

Yes, PayPal is fully supported by our systems.


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I made a purchase. How long will it take for my package to arrive?

The order is entrusted to the express courier on average within 1 working day from confirmation of payment; to guarantee maximum integrity and conservation of the products purchased, orders are not transferred to couriers on Saturdays and Sundays. In any case, it may happen that some products are not immediately available and procurement times become longer than expected. In this case, a vaigustando representative will contact the customer to provide information on available alternatives. It is important to remember that the availability of some products may be influenced by external factors, such as the high influx of orders in certain periods. However, vaigustando is committed to provide the best possible service and, although a little patience may be required, customers will be able to enjoy authentic treasures of Italian food and wine.

How can I check the status of a shipment?

Once the order has been processed you will receive the tracking code from the shipper. You can use the traking functionality to check the status of the shipment. Attention: the tracking code is usually activated a few hours after sending.

Gift Vouchers

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How do I purchase a gift voucher?

Purchase a gift voucher for personal use or as a gift to a family member or friend
it's very simple, very similar to purchasing a product from the selections on Vaigustando.it

  1. Go to the "Gift vouchers" section in the menu at the top right and choose the denomination that best suits your needs; we have several options  10 euro20 euro50 euro100 euro
  2.  Once you have completed your shopping, go to the cash register and pay using one of the payment systems available: credit card, PayPal, shop pay.
  3. After a few moments you will receive an email, like this one below, confirming the issue of the voucher.

The email contains:

  1. the link to the actual digital voucher that you can download, print or share
  2. the link to Apple Wallet for Apple users who can add it to their digital wallet.


The Voucher is made up of several elements:


  • Total value of the gift voucher.
  •  Expiration date beyond which the voucher becomes invalid. The duration of the vouchers is 1 year from the moment of issue
  • Unique code that will be entered by the user who wants to redeem the voucher at check out
  • QR Code that replaces manual typing at check out

How do I use a gift voucher?

Using a gift voucher on vaigustando.it is very simple:

1. Choose the products you like most and add them to the cart.
2. Once you have finished shopping, click on the check-out button and proceed to the page


In the “Discount code or gift voucher” box, enter the unique code of your voucher and press Apply.


the system will deduct the value of your voucher from the amount of your purchase. However, if your voucher exceeds the value of the purchase, the excess portion will remain available for a future purchase.

Attention: always check the expiration of the vouchers; beyond the expiry date they become invalid.

Recurring Purchases (Periodic)

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How do recurring (periodic) purchases work?

Periodic purchasing is a purchasing method that allows you to save time and money. By selecting this option, the user can choose the time interval best suited to his needs, automating the product procurement process.

The products will be automatically delivered by Vaigustando after each successful renewal.

For example: if you have started a monthly periodic purchase, the system will automatically charge your credit card for the related cost and you will receive the products at your home every month, without the need to reprocess the order.

Can I pause or cancel the recurring purchase?


You can pause or cancel a recurring purchase at any time directly from your customer account, as shown in the screenshot below.





It is possible to access your customer account via the link you received in the email that was sent to you when you placed your first periodic purchase order.


You can also access the section directly, at any time, from the login area on Vaigustando.it

How can I skip or reschedule a charge?

You can skip or reschedule the charge in the customer portal. Next to each scheduled delivery there will be a Skip Payment button, which you can use to skip the charge.

You can reschedule the charge by clicking the button: Reschedule next to the delivery date.

Can I add products to my recurring purchase?

Obviously yes.

You can add products to your subscription in the customer portal.

< p>Simply click the Edit button on the products tab and edit, remove or add products to your recurring purchase.

What happens if the payment cannot be processed?

If the periodic purchase cannot be renewed because a payment has not been successful, you will receive an email with a link where you can safely update your payment method.