Langhe: Land of Culture, Dream Landscapes and Unrivaled Food and Wine

vaigustandoIn the Langhe, every corner tells a story. From the architectural richness of its ancient villages to the museums that jealously guard local history and art, every element contributes to creating a vibrant culture rich in traditions.

Here, ancient castles and cultural events make every visit a dive into the past.

Defined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Langhe region offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, covered with rows of vines and lush woods that contain routes to be discovered on foot or by bicycle.

An environment where nature reigns supreme, offering refuge and inspiration. The Langhe area is famous throughout the world for its excellent food and wine products.

vaigustandoFrom the renowned white truffle of Alba to prestigious wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco, here the flavor of tradition meets the excellence of local production.

But that's not all: the Langhe is also the home of the Piedmontese PGI hazelnuts, a fundamental ingredient of many Italian delicacies and the basis for the creation of the famous gianduia chocolate.

vaigustandoIn this area, gastronomy becomes art, with starred restaurants and traditional trattorias offering dishes where each ingredient tells the story of its land. In summary, the Piedmontese Langhe are a unique and unforgettable experience, a journey through enchanting landscapes, deeply rooted culture and a gastronomy that delights the palate with authentic and unmistakable flavours.

A holiday full of taste and discovery.

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