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La Caneva dei Biasio, immagine vincino alla botte del vino

The Biasio's Canvas


Welcome to the heart of Cendrole, a village rich in thousand-year history nestled between Castelfranco Veneto, Bassano del Grappa and Asolo. Our story begins over a century ago, during the fervor of the twentieth century. Giovanni Angelo Porcellato, the great-grandfather of the current owners, a veteran of the Great War, decided to create something extraordinary: Caneva.

The founder obtained the licenses to transform the place into a tavern along the Curiotto road, the famous route that leads to the Sanctuary also frequented by the future Pope Pius from Giovanni the lame, there is always a good glass), the Caneva became an icon over time. In the 1940s, his son Giovanni took the reins, managing the tavern with skill together with his mother Luigia (Nona Jija). While his father lit the bread oven, his wife Amelia ran a small grocery store. The passion for wine, in particular Prosecco dei Colli di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, began to make itself felt.

Product selection - La Caneva del Biasio Today we proudly preserve a bottle of Cartizze from 1952, one of the first bottled by the “La Caneva dei Biasio” winery (Biasio is the nickname that identifies the Porcellato family branch). Every sip will take you back in time, with the rich taste of history and culture of Cendrole. The cellar, founded in the 1960s, houses large barrels that preserve the fruit of generations of winemaking passion.

Here, we produce excellent wines such as Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, symbol of the ancient winemaking tradition of this land. The quality of the Manzoni cross, cultivated with dedication and skill, is reflected in our glasses, carrying on the family's winemaking legacy.




La Caneva del Biasio - vini

In the Seventies, his sons took over, transforming La Caneva into a modern winery. Our production extended to the Veneto IGT red, a wine that embodies the balance between tradition and innovation, representing the unique character of Cendrole. In the nineties, the Osteria became "Osteria La Caneva", a fundamental stop for those who want to savor the rich culinary tradition of Treviso and accompany the dishes with our fine wines. Today, our history manifests itself in the tasting room and in the wine shop, spaces dedicated to events and tastings that allow you to immerse yourself in the Cendrole wine experience.

We invite you to taste the past and the present contained in each glass, which can be enriched by the choice between the Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, the Manzoni cross and the red Veneto IGT. Each glass of our wines is an invitation to toast together with the history that binds us to this land, a history that has become an integral part of our passion and dedication to viticulture and hospitality. With every sip, you will immerse yourself not only in the taste of our wine, but also in the soul of Cendrole. Welcome to a story that is the most beautiful in the world, and perhaps it really is.

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