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Il Veneto ed i suoi territori

Veneto and its territories

Veneto, located in the north-east of Italy, is renowned for its extraordinary history, breathtaking landscapes and exquisite food and wine traditions. Venetian cuisine and Veneto wines are appreciated throughout the world and reflect the cultural and territorial diversity of the region.

Veneto is famous for its fascinating historic cities such as Venice, Verona and Padua, which are home to countless works of art and architectural treasures. Venice, the city of canals and palaces, is considered one of the most romantic and fascinating destinations, while Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, is famous for its Roman amphitheater and opera performances. Padua, with the historic University and the Scrovegni Chapel, offers a wide range of cultural attractions.

The Veneto region is known for its excellent wine production, which includes famous wines such as Prosecco, Valpolicella and Soave. The vineyards of Veneto extend from the hills of Treviso, Vicenza and Verona to the plains of the Po.

Venetian cuisine is equally varied and delicious, with fish and seafood dishes along the coast and in the Venice Lagoon, and more robust meat and vegetable recipes inland. Some of the typical dishes of the region include risotto, bigoli (egg pasta), polenta and Vicenza-style cod.

The area of Venetian foothills  it is undoubtedly the most authentic expression of the typicality and richness of the region's food and wine heritage.

153 typical areas within a 5 km radius of the new Pedemontana Veneta highway. Among these, 9 DOP products, 5 IGP, 4 DOCG wines, 8 DOC, 4 IGT, 119 traditional agri-food products and 4 Slow Food presidia stand out. La Pedemontana Veneta offers a wide range of wines, cheeses, vegetables, cured meats and delicacies from high quality, including, just to name a few, cheeses Asiago DOP, Morlacco and Imbriago, the Grappa and i Distillates of fruit, the Sopressa PDO, the Ground Flours stone made from ancient cereals (Terrevive mill), l’DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil That, with the product name "Conca degli Ulivi" (Oro de Poe) in small but very precious quantities, boasts prizes and recognitions in prestigious international competitions. The Prosecco DOCG of Valdobbiadene and Asolo. In addition to the aforementioned Prosecco, appreciated and exported all over the world, they have been revalued in recent years native vines of which memory had been lost, among which the Recantina and the Rabbiosa dei colli Asolani stand out (Pat del Colmel). 

Let yourself be won over by the quality and tradition of the artisanal producers we have selected for you, producers who best express the authenticity and richness of this wonderful region.  

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