Golose Emozioni: the value of Km-zero products


Let me introduce myself: I am Enrico, a young pastry chef, with a vision for my pastry shop that has always been clear: what we are is what we eat, raw materials are my most important value.
Over the years I have always valued the choice of quality and possibly local products, creating recipes with ingredients that really make the difference. Here in recent years I have given a truly significant and complete change to my pastry making. Specifically, these are two initiatives that have allowed me to renew my recipes and add important value in terms of sustainability, attention and valorization of the territory.
The first: thanks to the collaboration with my trusted miller I gave life to the "zero km flour" project. The project envisaged using flours coming only from so-called ancient grains, because from sowing to harvesting the field is no longer touched by human hands. Month by month I followed this project, seeing the various stages of growth: from sowing to harvesting to the stone mill. Again with my trusted miller I also started production with einkorn spelt, another flour that offers value added to the products and their digestibility, very rich in organoleptic properties, but very weak.
I therefore only used this flour for biscuits or sourdough bread. The added values ​​of a flour of this type compared to common flours are the high organoleptic properties and the decidedly superior health level. Thanks to this innovation I began to also offer bread for sale in the shop on Sundays, made with sourdough and einkorn flour, not in large quantities, but from the feedback received from customers I certainly understood that I was on the right path. In fact, in addition to enhancing the short supply chain and collaboration with suppliers, I have managed to give a significant and innovative imprint to my pastry shop, fully valorising the native flours made with sustainable methods and which enhance the land of origin.
The second: "the breakfast biscuit", a product that I have always offered in my pastry shop, but which in the last two years I have managed to totally innovate and revolutionise. The focus, also in this case, was the use of local products and the valorisation of the territory. The "breakfast biscuit" is now made only with Venetian raw materials, from flours of our own production, to eggs from free-range hens, to raw beet sugar (produced in the Verona area), to mountain butter from grappa. A 100% native biscuit.
My commitment and choices to enhance local suppliers are also extended to other raw materials use, such as Honey from local beekeepers purchased according to the season; Exclusively free-range chicken eggs; Fruit for jams and preparations exclusively in season, also purchased from local farmers.

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