Bruno Ceccato The Truffle "Black Diamond of Grappa"


Pieve del Grappa is the home of the Monte Grappa truffle, an authentic gastronomic treasure destined to transform into a small virtuous economic circuit. From pizza to rabbit rolls, through pasta and gnocchi, the Grappa truffle is about to make its grand entry into the world of cuisine. The varieties in which it occurs include scorzone nero, uncinato and nero pregiato, both in summer and winter versions.

It all began with genealogical research conducted by the Ceccato family from Crespano del Grappa. Through documents dating back to 1780 from the State Archives of the Venetian Republic, a fascinating portrait emerges of a local event dedicated to truffles, a sort of small fair that animated Crespano. This period is also testified by a "food and wine" guide published in Belluno in the 19th century, which mentions "tartuffole" and reveals the diffusion of this product in an area that extended from Cornuda to Romano d'Ezzelino, suggesting the existence of a local truffle market.


However, wars and habitat transformations have overshadowed the truffle. The area, once lush, has become barren and devoid of woods due to unconservative interventions and the need for pastures and hay for livestock. "Until 30 years ago", as testified by Bruno Ceccato, studies on the presence of truffles in Veneto considered the Treviso area of ​​little importance due to the characteristics of the soil. Photographs of the time show the Grappa Massif completely bare of woods. In this context, the truffle has been forgotten.
In 2014, a group of local enthusiasts, led by Bruno, brought the truffle back to life, immediately realizing the potential of this great discovery, giving life to the "Tartufo del Grappa" association and registering the related trademark. Among the Association's objectives is also to include the truffle among the typical products protected by the Mab del Grappa Biosphere. 


Currently, the association relies on expert authorized collectors, but the future looks bright, with opportunities for new collectors and the introduction of new products, such as cured meats and truffle cheeses, in addition to the oil, butter and sauces that are already available in small, limited productions and appreciated by renowned local chefs

Furthermore, a collaboration is underway with the Pove del Grappa oil mills, which involves local farmhouses and restaurants in this continuous experimentation.

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