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Norah's Farm: L'Agribirrificio

Norah's Farm: the brewery farm

La sede produttiva di Norah's BeerNorah's Farm is a modern agricultural company, where the fusion with the landscape, the use of cutting-edge technologies and the young and creative approach of the new generations combine with tradition. We believe in innovation as a driving force for the production of high quality, genuine products with a rich and tasty flavour, which evoke the authentic flavors of the past. At Norah's Farm, you can find a wide selection of vegetables, grains, flours, craft beers and meat, all good, healthy and fresh. Respect for the ecosystem, animals and their well-being, together with the choice of the best raw materials, are the pillars on which our work is based.

Norah's Beer - Calice di birra chiara

The beating heart of Norah's Farm is the agribrewery, where our master brewers expertly produce N-BEER: with 100% natural ingredients, without the addition of chemical additives, colorings and preservatives. The cereals, in particular barley and wheat, used in fermentation are zero kilometer: they grow lush in the countryside surrounding the brewery. The research and selection of the best raw materials, the quality of the processes with a view to sustainability and attention to Nature, are fundamental aspects of the project. This philosophy of consideration and responsibility towards the environment allows us to offer genuine craft beers with unique characteristics. Our beers are to be enjoyed until the last sip, following your personal taste. We believe in sustainable and responsible agriculture, which aims to reduce water and food waste. 

The N-BEER they are bottom-fermented beers, in which the yeasts added to the must work at temperatures between 7 and 9 degrees centigrade. The complete maturation of the beer requires at least 5 or 6 weeks, at the end of which the remains of the yeasts settle to the bottom.

We chose a recyclable packaging, light and which protects the beer from oxidation even by light. In this way you will be able to better appreciate all the aromatic notes that characterize the taste of the N-BEER.

You can choose from our selection of beers with a rich and balanced taste, produced in low fermentation, with the best raw materials It is 100% natural

Birre Norah's - La selezione di birre in lattina
To be enjoyed until the last sip, your way.

The N-BEER they are beers with an unmistakable character, discover what makes each of them unique and choose your favourite!


Norah's Farm is a vibrant place, where creative energy mixes with dedication to create extraordinary products. Every time you taste one of our beers or taste our agricultural products, you can sense our passion and enthusiasm that we put into everything we do.


We invite you to discover the world of Norah's Farm and appreciate the authenticity, passion, innovation and vibrancy found in each product. We are happy to share the fruit of our work with you and to offer you an unforgettable experience

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