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how to purchase a gift voucher

Purchase a gift voucher for personal use or as a gift to a family member or friend
it's very simple, very similar to purchasing a product from the selections on

  1. Go to the "Gift vouchers" section in the menu at the top right and choose the denomination that best suits your needs; we have several options  10 euro20 euro50 euro100 euro
  2.  Once you have completed your shopping, go to the cash register and pay using one of the payment systems available: credit card, PayPal, shop pay.
  3. After a few moments you will receive an email, like this one below, confirming the issue of the voucher.

The email contains:

  1. the link to the actual digital voucher that you can download, print or share
  2. the link to Apple Wallet for Apple users who can add it to their digital wallet.

The Voucher is made up of several elements:

  • Total value of the gift voucher.
  •  Expiration date beyond which the voucher becomes invalid. The duration of the vouchers is 1 year from the moment of issue
  • Unique code that will be entered by the user who wants to redeem the voucher at check out
  • QR Code that replaces manual typing at check out